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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Family of Cosimo I de Medici,Grand Duke of Tuscany

 Cosimo de Medici as a Young Boy by Titan

Cosimo I de Medici by Jacopo Carucci,called Pontormo,1538

Eleonora di Toledo,wife of Cosimo I by Agnolo Bronzino,1543

Eleonora de Toledo with her son Giovanni by Bronzino,1545

Presumed portrait of Camilla Martelli,second wife of Cosimo I,c. 1560-70

Camilla Martelli by Alessandro Allori,c.1570

Engraving of Camilla Martelli

Portrait of Bia Medici,illegitimate daughter of Cosimo I by Bronzino,1542

 A possible portrait of Maria de Medici,first daughter of Cosimo and Eleonora,
with one of her brothers painted by Bronzino in 1540

Francesco I de'Medici who succeeded hs father Cosimo as Grand Dukeof Tuscany
by Alessandro Allori,1560

Francesco I de'Medici by Alessandro Allori,1560s

The Marriage of Francesco de'Medici and Joanna of Austria by Jacopo Ligozzi,1565

Joanna of Austria wife of Francesco by Alessandro Allori,c.1570

Portrait of Joanna of Austria by Francesco Terzio,1565

Joanna of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany with her son Prince Filippo 
by Giovanni Bizzelli  1578

Joanna of Austria,Sofonisba Anguissola 1570s

Posthumous portrait of Joanna of Austria by Rubens,after 1578

Bianca Capello second wife of Francesco I de Medici by Lavinia Fontana,1570s

Bianca Capello by Alessandro Allori,1580s

Isabella de Medici daughter of Cosimo and Eleonora by Alessandro Allori,c.1570

Portrait of a Lady thought to be Isabella de Medici by Allori or Bronzino

Lucrecia de Medici daughter of Cosimo and Eleonora,Duchess of Ferrara 
by Alessandro Allori,1560

Alfonso II d'Este,husband of Lucrezia de Medici

Garcia de'Medici son of Cosimo and Eleonora,1550

Ferdinando de'Medici son of Cosimo and Eleonora succeeded his brother as Grand Duke by Scipione Pulzone,1590s

The Marriage of Ferdinand de' Medici and Christine of Lorraine by Callot,1589

Christina of Lorraine wife of Ferdinand de' Medici,1588

Christina of Lorraine by  Pulzone Scipione,1591-98

Christina of Lorraine by Tiberio Titi,1600-05

Don Pietro de' Medici son of Cosimo and Eleonora by Alessandro Allori,1570s

Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo,wife of Pietro de' Medici by Alessandro Allori,1555

Eleonora di Garzia di Toledo,by Allori,c.1570

Virginia de' Medici daughter of Cosimo and Camilla Martielli by Santi di Tito

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