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Monday, 1 October 2012

Wide Panniers

Marie Lezszcynska,Queen of France by circle of Carle van Loo in c.1725

Scene from Corneille's Tragedy Le Comte d'Essex by Nicolas Lancret in 1734

”Bad News“ by Jean-Baptist-Marie Pierre,1740

A French Court Lady after Nicolas Lancret,c. 1740

Giacinta Ruspoli Marescotti Orsini by Marco Benefial

Luise Ulrike of Prussia, Queen of Sweden by Pesne, c. 1744

"Hit the Pot Game" by Pietro Longhi,1744

"Visit to a Library" by Pietro Longhi,c. 1745

Carnival of Venice with Pantalone by Tiepolo,c. 1740-50

Madame von Keyserlinck by Antoine Pesne,1745

Maria Amalia of Saxony,Queen of Naples and Spain by Guiseppe Bonito,c.1745

Élisabeth-Frédérique de Brandebourg-Bayreuth,Duchess of  Wurtemberg by 
Wolfgang-Dietrich Mayer,1745

Louise of Great Britain,Queen of Denmark by Gustaf Pilo,1747

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria by Marin van Meytens,1747-49

Portrait of the actress Babette de Cochois by Antoine Pesne,1750

The James Family by Arthur Devis,1751

Marie-Josephe de Saxe,Dauphine of France by Jean-Marc Nattier in 1751

David Garrick  and Hannah Pritchard , in a Scene from 'The Suspicious Husband" 
by  Francis Hayman,1752

Maria Amalia of Austria,Duchess of Parma by Johann Gottfried Auerbach,before 1753

Madame Henriette of France by Jean Marc Nattier,1754

Charlotte Beatrix Strick van Linschoten by Mattheus Verhoyden,1755

Portrait of Mrs. Hibbert, when a girl by Thomas Frye

Portrait of Infanta Maria Josefa of Spain by Guiseppe Bonito 1758-59

Frederick Charles, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön by 
Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder,1758

A view of Venice by Canaletto,1758-61

A view of Venice ,det.

 Society Promenade by  Gabriel de Saint-Aubin,1760-61

Catherine II of Russia by Vigilius Eriksen,c.1765

Maria Louisa of Parma,Queen of Spain by Laurent Pecheux,1765

Maria Louisa of Parma,Queen of Spain by Anton Raphael Mengs,1765

Maria Josepha,Holy Roman Empress by Meytens,1766

Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria  by Anton Raphael Mengs,1767 

Archduchess Maria Elisabeth of Austria by Meytens,1760s

Maria I of Portugal by Antoio de Amaral,c.1768

Maria Carolina of Austria,Queen of Naples by Mengs,c.1678

Maria Carolina of Austria,Queen of Naples by an unknown painter,1769

Maria Beatrice d'Este,Duchess of Massa by Anton von Maron,1772

Maria I of Portugal by an unknown painter,1770s

Maria Feodorovna of Wuttemberg,Empress of Russia by Alexander Roslin,1777

Carlota Joaquina of Spain,Queen of Portugal Mariano Salvador Maella,1785

Maria Louisa of Parma,Queen of Spain by Francisco de Goya,1789

Maria Louisa of Parma,Queen of Spain by Zacarías González Velázquez,1790s

Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna of Russia by Vladimir Borovikovsky,c. 1795