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Monday, 8 July 2013

The "Robe a La Chemise"

Comtesse de Moreton de Chabrillan by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun,1781

Marie Antoinette,Queen of France by Vigée Le Brun,1783

Detail from "The Mall in St. James Park" by Thomas Gainsborough,1783

Portrait of Nastasya Levitzkaya by Dmitry Levitzky,1783

Portrait of a woman on a terrace,attr. to Antoine Vestier

Sophia Drake by Ralph Earl ,1784

Lady Elizabeth Foster by Angelica Kauffman,1785

Portrait of a lady holding a book by Antoine Vestier,1785

Portrait of Baroness Von Bauer by Angelica Kauffman, c.1786

French Fashion plate from  6th of July 1787

Portrait de Madame Ledoux and her daughters by Marguerite Gérard, c. 1787

Marie Therese and Louis Charles of France by Ludwig Guttenbrunn,c. 1788

Princess Louise Augusta of Denmark by Jens Juel,1787

A painting of two women by Pehr Hilleström

Portrait of Antoine-Laurent and Marie-Anne Lavoisier by Jacques Louis David,1788

Portrait of Mary Chichester by Francis Alleyne

Eleanor and Margaret Ross by Alexander Nasmyth,1785-1790

Portrait of Countess A. S. Protasova with her nieces by Angelica Kauffman,1788

Illustration of a "Chemise Grecque" from the Journal des Luxus und der Moden,October 1789

Miniature portrait of a lady by Francois Dumont the Elder

 Round box with miniature portrait of a lady by Louis-Marie Sicardi,1780s 

Portrait of Elizabeth Waldstein-Wartenberg by Johann Georg Weikert,1789

Miniature portrait of Madame de Lamballe by Claude Bornet,1789

"The Poorly Defended Rose" by Michel Garnier,1789

Portrait of Friederike Brun and her daughter Charlotte by Erik Pauelsen,1789

Anna Maria Jenkins nd Thomas Jenkins by Angelica Kauffmann,1790

Frédérique Louise Wilhelmine, Princess of Orange-Nassau,1790

Portrait of a lady by Francis Alleyne,c. 1790

"Chemise von Neuer Form" from September 1790 in the Journal des Luxus und der Moden

The Duchess of Alba by Francisco Goya,1791
Augusta Wilhelmine of Hesse-Darmstadtand her children by Johann Joseph Langenhöffel, 1791

Princess Louise Augusta by Anton Graff,1791

A couple under a parasol in a garden by Jean Baptiste Mallet,1791-1793

Anna Dorothea von Medem by Anton Graff, 1791

Portrait of Mr. Olive, Treasurer of the States of Brittany and his family by Marie-Geneviève Bouliard, 1791-92

Portrait of Rosine Alexandrine von Korff  by Johann Christoph Rincklake 1792

Lady Delaval  by John Downman,1792

Portrait of Mrs R. Prinsep by John Downman 1793

Mademoiselle Duplant by François-André Vincent, 1793

Portrait of the Baroness de Chalvet-Souville by François-André Vincent,1793

Harriott Manningham, Mrs Charles Yorke by Henri-Pierre Danloux , 1793

"British Plenty" an illustration by Henry Singleton, 1794
Portrait of Elizaveta Divova Buturlina by Anton Graff,1794

Madame Seriziat by Jacques-Louis David,1795

Baroness Emilie Pichon by François Gérard,1795

Chemise a l'Anglaise,and illustration from October 1795

Fashion plate from 1796 Italy

Atelier of an Artist or Atelier of a Painter by Marie Victoire Lemoine,1796

Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz by Johann Friedrich August Tischbein, 1796

André-François Miot and his family by Louis Gauffier,1796

The Duchess of Osuna with a younger lady and a little girl by Augustin Esteve,1796-97

Portrait of a Lady by Marie Victoire Lemoine

Detail from a painting of a painter in her studio by Louis Leopold Boilly


  1. Beautiful collection of portraits and nice detailed information about this wonderful fashion period. Thank you.

  2. Thank you ! Very usuful for my exam essay !!! )))