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A chronologue of beauty

Monday, 25 March 2013

Henry Fuseli

Crouching Woman,1778

Portrait of Maria Hess,1778-79

Portrait of Magdalena Hess,1778-79

Three Women at a Curtained Window,1779

The Mandrake:A Charm,c. 1785

The Shepherd's Dream,1786

The Shepherd's Dream,det.

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen,1788

Figure Leaning over Stairs,1789

Beatrice Eavesdropping on Hero and Ursula,1789

Portrait of the Artist's Wife,1785-95

Two Courtesans at a Window,1790

Mrs. Fuseli Seated at a Table,1790-91

The Chimney-Piece,1790-91

Second Version of The Chimney-Piece,1791

Charis Phykomené,1791

Study of a Seated Woman,1791

Two Courtesans,1790-92

A Woman on a Balcony with high dressed Hair and Hat,1790-92

Two Courtesans with Fantastic Hats,1790-92

The Vision in the Asylum,1791-93

Falstaff in Laundry Basket,1792

Falstaff in Laundry Basket,det.

Titania Caresses the Ass-Headed Bottom,1793-94

Titania Caresses the Ass-Headed Bottom,det.

Titania Caresses the Ass-Headed Bottom,det.

Detail from The Elf Queen Titania and Bottom,the Weaver with a Donkey Head,1793-94

Milton Dictating to his Daughter,1794

Perseus Returning the Eye to the Graiai,1790 - 1800

Bust Portrait of Mrs Fuseli,1795

Mrs. Fuseli Sleeping,1795

The Daughters of Pandareos,c. 1795

 Fairy Mab,1795-96

Titiania with Bottom and  the Fairies,1796

Titiania with Bottom and  the Fairies,det.

Engraving of Titiania with Bottom and  the Fairies

Engraving of Titiania with Bottom and  the Fairies,det.

 Mrs. Fuseli with a Curled Hairstyle,1796

Study of Mrs. Fuseli,1798

The Ladies of Hastings,1798-1800

Reclining Nude and a Piano Teacher,1799-1800

Unknown Name,late 18th-early 19th c.

Mrs.Fuseli in 1800

Study of a Nude Woman, Seated,1801

Thetis asks Hephaestus to forge Armor for her Son Achilles,1803

Lady at her Dressing Table,1800-06

Huon disguised as a Gardener meets Sultane Almansaris accompanied by Nadine,1804-05

Siegfried about to Deny on Oath that Brunhild Had Been his Paramour,1805

Kriemhild Haunted by her Remorse,c. 1805

The Infant Shakespeare between Tragedy and Comedy,1805

 The Dressing Room,1800-07

Courtesan with an Elaborate Headdress,1800-10

Courtesan with an Elaborate Headdress,det.

Mad Kate,1806-07

Sketch for Mother and Her Family in the Country, 1806-07

Mother and Her Family in the Country, 1806-07

Siegfried and Chriemhild,1807

Brunhilde observes Gunther,1807

The Debutante,1807

Three Women and a recumbent  Man,c. 1809

Back View of a Standing Female,1810

Allegory of Vanity,1811

Fairy Mab,1815-20

Undine and Hildebrand,c.1819-22

A Man and Two Women on a Bed,19th c.

Unknown Date

Drawing for the Frontispiece of Erasmus Darwin's The Botanic Garden

Drawing for the Frontispiece of Erasmus Darwin's The Botanic Garden,det.

Erotic Scene of a Man with two Women

Portrait Study Of A Woman, Probably Mrs. Fuseli

Two Girls looking Upwards out of a Cabin Window

Mrs. Fuseli taking a Stroll

A Lady Walking

Mrs. Fuseli reading a Letter

Portrait of Mrs. Fuseli

Engraving of The Daughter of Herodias,after Fuseli

Standing Woman Attending to a Man

Falstaff in the Laundry Basket Mocked by Women

A Woman with a Fan, standing, seen from the Back

Callipyga: Mrs. Fuseli with her Skirts lifted to her Waist standing before a 
Dressing Table with Phallic Supports

Ladies looking at Sculptures

Fashionable Ladies

Mrs. Fuseli on a Sofa

Study of a Head of Mrs. Fuseli

Mrs. Fuseli with Curly Hair

Sjetch of Mrs. Sofia Fuseli

Study of a Woman with an Elaborate Hairstyle or Mrs. Fuseli

Teiresias foretells the Future to Odysseus

Study of a Woman

Drawing of Mrs. Fuseli

The Tempest

Young Woman with Elaborate Coiffure standing with outstretched Right Arm

A Courtesan at her Dressing Table

Unknown Title

Female Cruelty

Courtesan Bending Forward

Young Lady lying on a Sofa

Portrait of Lavinia de Irujo

Portrait of Mrs. Otway

Two Female Figures Standing on Steps