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Saturday, 12 October 2013

I've moved..

Hi everyone I've found it easier to post my photos on Tumblr so if you liked my blog here is the link:

Friday, 23 August 2013

Masquerades,Carnivals and Disguises

Masquerade, c. 1515 

The masquerade dance with torches, 1517-18

Mary of Austria receiving Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor at her castle in Binche,1549

 A woman led by a player holding a torch by Jacob de Gheyn II

Masked dancers by Jacob de Gheyn II

Masked dancers by Jacob de Gheyn II

A man with a turban leading a woman wearing a mask,behind them stands a torch-bearer,
after De Gheyn,1600

 Lucy Harrington, Countess of Bedford in a masquerade costume designed by Inigo Jones by 
John de Critz the Elder,1606

 Elizabeth Manners,Countess of Rutland in a masquerade costume designed by Inigo Jones by 
John de Critz the Elder,1606

"The Dance" by Palamedes Palamedesz,c. 1625-35

Portrait of a masked woman,17th c.

Louis XIV,King of France, in ballet costume , 1660

The Prince of Conde as the Emperor of Turkey, part of the Carousel Given by Louis XIV 
by  Israel Silvestre the Younger

 Louis-Philippe,Duke of Orleans as the King of Persia,part of the Carousel Given by Louis XIV 
by  Israel Silvestre the Younger

Anne-Marie Martinozzi,Princess of Conti dressed for a masquerade

María Teresa of Austria,Queen of France and the Dauphin of France
 by Charles Beaubrun,1664

María Teresa of Austria,Queen of France in costume by Beaubrun,1664

Henriette-Anne of England,Duchess of Orleans in masquerade costume

Louise de la Valliere dressed for a masquerade

 Leopold I as Acis in the play La Galatea by Jan Thomas,1667

Marguerite-Therese of Austria,Holy Roman Empress in theatrical costume
 by Jan Tomas,c. 1667

Portrait of a lady holding a mask by Gennari Benedetto

Anna Maria Louisa de Medici,Electress Palatine dancing with her husband 
by Jan Frans van Douven,1695

French ballerina Marie-Therese Perdou de Subligny,1690s

Portrait of French opera singer Marthe Le Rochois, c. 1690

"Candle-lit Interior" by Matthys Naiveu,end of 17th c.

Victoire de Caumont La Force, Comtesse du Roure by Jean Mariette

Francoise-Marie de Bourbon,Mlle. de Blois in ball costume

"The Two Carriages" by Claude Gillot,c. 1707

A masked lady by Luca Carlevarijs, c. 1700-1710 

Portrait of a lady holding a mask by Alexis Grimou, 1709

Lady holding a mask by Henri Millot,1710

Louise Hippolyte Grimaldi with a view overlooking Monaco from the studio of 
Jean-Baptiste Santerre ,1712

Marie Louise Elisabeth d'Orleans Duchess of Berry by Pierre Gobert,1718

Marie-Hortense Racot de Grandval in masquerade costume

Elisabeth-Alexandrine de Bourbon-Conde de Sens by Pierre Gobert,c. 1730

Hester Booth as a Female Harlequin by John Ellys,c. 1722-25

Portrait of Madame Grimond de La Reynière by Rigaud,1734

"Masquerade" by  Louis-Joseph Le Lorrain, c. 1740

Anna Elisabeth von der Schulenburg (1720-1741) by Pesne

Wilhelmine of Prussia,Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayeruth by Antoine Pesne,c. 1740

Lovisa Ulrika Königin von Schweden by Antoine Pesne,c. 1744

"The Casino" by Pietro Longhi, 1740s

Mrs.Boere in carnival costume,1746

"The Tooth Puller" by Pietro Longhi, 1746

Empress Elisabeth of Russia in masquerade costume by 
Georg Christoph Grooth, 1748

Portrait of a young noblewoman,anon. German painter,18th c.

Portrait of the Hon. Mrs William Townshend by Thomas Gibson

Sophia Susanna Charlotte von Platen by German school,c. 1750

Frédéric III of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg and Louise-Dorothée of Saxe-Meiningen 
dressed for the play "Mahomet" by Voltaire

Portrait de Louise Geneviève Le Blond, Madame Roye Jean-Marc Nattier,c. 1750

Portrait of a lady holding a mask by Nattier

Eva Helena Ribbing by Gustaf Lundberg,1750

"The Minuet" by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, 1756

"The Charlatan" by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, 1756

Henriette von Lüderitz by Christian Friedrich Reinhold Lisiewski,c. 1755

Portrait of the Baroness de Neubourg-Cromière by Roslin, 1756

Princess Amalia of Prussia as an Amazon by Pesne,by 1757

Portrait of Egmont von Chasôt by Pesne

"Casino" by Pietro Longhi

A young woman holding a mask by an artist of the British School

Eleonora Gustafa Bonde av Björnö by Jakob Björk

"Elegant Company In Masquerade Costume" by  Lorenzo Tiepolo

Lady in a masquerade costume

Benjamin Hoadly and His Wife  by Francis Hayman

 Susannah Trevelyan by Thomas Gainsborough and Sir Joshua Reynolds,1761

"The Fair Nun Unmasked" by Henry Robert Morland, c. 1769

Isabel Parreno Arce Ruizde Alcarony Valdes Marquesa de Llano 
by Raphael Mengs, 1770

"Elegant Company Preparing for a Masked Ball" by Luis Paret Y Alcazár, 1770s

Comedy performance at the palace of  Fontainebleau,1773

Catherine the Great,after Stefano Torelli, 1780s

Stanislaus Augustus with a mask by Johann Baptist von Lampi the Elder,1788-89

Praskovia Kovalyova in theatrical costume

Luisa Casati in her costume for the "Grande Ballo" by G. de Blaas, 1913

"Scene at a Masked Ball" by Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev

Luisa Casati dressed as the Comtesse de Castiglione by A. Martini, 1925