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Friday, 28 June 2013

Chinese Figurines and Statues from Eastern Zhou to the Tang Dynasties

Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Eastern Zhou Dynasty figurine of a charioteer

Warring States Period

Figurines of two female shamans performing a sacred ritual from the 
Chu culture in the Warring States period

Qin Dynasty

Tomb statue of a warrior

Statue of a military man

Two side views of a charioteer

Statue of a kneeling soldier

Han Dynasty



 Two board game players from the late West Han Dynasty

Two game players from East Han Dynasty

Servants and Attendants

Painted group of  male and female court attendants

Han Dynasty Dancers

Soldiers and Riders

Han Dynasty female figurine on horseback

East Han Dynasty Figurines

Six Dynasties Period

Three Kingdoms Period (220-280)

Jin Dynasty

 Figurines of women from the Western Jin Dynasty

Jin Dynasty figurines of a sage and actor

Jin Dynasty tomb with statues of opera figures

 Head of an actor from the Jin Dynasty 

Figure of a musician playing a waist drum, Jin Dynasty

Jin Dynasty painted pottery figurines

Eastern Jin Dynasty woman

Eastern Jin Dynasty footman

Southern and Northern Dynasties

Figurine of a woman from one of the Southern Dynasties

Northern Dynasties

 Northern Wei Dynasty

 Eastern Wei Dynasty

 Western Wei Dynasty

 Northern Qi Dynasty

Northern Zhou Dynasty

Sui Dynasty


Musicians and Dancers

Servants and Maids


Officials and Attendants

Warriors and Soldiers

Tang Dynasty


Ladies in Ceremonial Dress

Tang Dynasty "Fat Ladies"




Soldiers and Warriors

Musicians and Dancers

A figurine of a resting dancer

A group of four actors and a dancing dwarf

Female Riders

Male Riders

Figurine of an opera singer on horseback

Figurine of a hunter and horse

Sancai figurine of an Archer

Servants and Attendants