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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Traditional Costumes in Portrait Paintings

Portrait of Alchitrof,Emperor of Ethiopia by Cristofano dell'Altissimo, 1568

Portrait of Polish noble Stanisław Tęczyński by Tomaso Dolabella,1633-34

 Woman in Neapolitan costume by Massimo Stanzione,1635

Middle class woman of Lõcse in Hungary ,1641

Prince Sigismund Casimir Vasa in Polish costume by Peter de Rij,1644

Portrait of a Polish noblewoman Maria Radziwill (1625-1660)

Portrait of Polish nobleman Maksymilian Franciszek Ossoliński 
and his sons,1670-80

Portrrait of Polish nobleman Kazimierz Ossoliński,1720s

Portrait of the Princess Maria Amalia of Saxony in Polish costume 
by Louis de Silvestre,1738

Turkish lady with a tambourine by Jean-Etienne Liotard,1738-43

Portrait of Lady Ponsonby in Venetian costume by Liotard,1742-43

Sir James Macdonald and Sir Alexander Macdonald
 by or att. to William Mosman,c. 1750

Painting of an Inuit woman named Mikak and her son Tukauk 
by John Russell in 1769

Portrait of a Mestizo family from Peru,c. 1770

Mohamed Ali Khan Walajan,Nawab of Arcot,India,by George Wilson,1777

Georgian Princess Mariam Chavchavadze,18th c.

Sons of the Nawab of Arcot,India,by Tilly Kettle, c.1770

Catherine II of Russia by Nikolai Argunov,1780

An unknown woman in Russian costume by Argunov,1784

Portrait of the artist's daughter A.D. Levitzkaya in Russian dress 
by Dmitry Levitzky,1785

Portrait of the Grand Duchess Alexandra Pavlovna of Russia 
wearing a Kokoshnik,1790s

Portrait of a Russian widow in a headdress by Petr Drozhdin,1796

Portrait of a Russian peasant woman by Abram Klukvin,18th-19th c.

Portrait of Romanian noblewoman Maria Cantacuzino by 
Mihail Topler,c. 1800

Portrait of Romanian noblewoman Maria Dudesku 
by Mihail Topler,c. 1800

Portrait of the Russian Duchess M.F. Baryatinskaya and her daughter Olga  by 
Robert Lefevre,1817

Portrait of Monchousia,Chief of the American Kew tribe by Charles Bird King,1822

Portrait of Marfa Venetsianova in Russian dress 
by Alexey Venetsianov,1828

Portrait of a Nubian woman by Jules Robert Auguste,1825-30

Portrait of Nino Eristavi daughter of Tornike, the Duke of Ksani in Georgia,1829

Portrait of Athanasios Valtinos,Greek fighter of the 1821 revolution,19th c.

Portrait of an Andalusian lady by Carl von Steuben 1834

Young woman in Serbian dress or Portrait of Anka Topalovic 
by Katarina Ivanovic,1837

Portrait of Alexandra Smirnova-Rosset in Georgian dress 
by Franz Xavier Winterhalter,1837

Portrait of the Seminole Chief Osceola by George Catlin,1838

Portrait of a peasant woman from Tver,Russia in the 1830s

Portrait of Greek lady Katerina Botzaris by Joseph Karl Stieler,1841

Georgian Princess Marta Solagashvili by Grigory Gagarin,1842

Portrait of a young Turkish woman by John Frederick Lewis,1841-45

The Lebanese Emir by Jozsef Borsos,1843

Portrait a Bulgarian lady called Hristiania Zografska by Zahari Zograf,c. 1844

Portrait of a merchant woman from Russia from the mid. of the 19th c.

Portrait of Archduke Joseph Anton of Austria in a Hungarian Hussar's uniform
by Nepoumuk Hofel,19th c.

 Infanta Luisa Fernanda of Spain,Duchess of Montpensier 
by Winterhalter,c. 1847

Portrait of Serbian Duke Stevan Knicanin by Uros Knezevic,1849

Woman from Peru spinning wool by Francisco Laso,1849

Portrait of a merchant woman from Torzhok,Russia in the 19th c.

Portrait of two Greek boys by Ivan Makarov,c. 1850

Study of a Neapolitan Girl by John Frederick Lewis,19th c.

Portrait of a Russian woman in a kokoshnik by 
I..F.Khudoyarov, mid. 19th c.

Portrait of a woman in Russian dress by I..F.Khudoyarov, mid. 19th c.

Pirtrait of a Turkish court lady with a tambourine by Pierre Désiré Guillemet,mid. 19th c.

King Otto of Greece by Gottlieb Bodmer,19th c.

Portrait of Countess Júlia Hunyady de Kéthely,
Princess Consort of Serbia,19th c.

Portrait of Duleep Singh,Maharaja of the Sikh Empire by Franz Winterhalter,1854

Portrait of a young Spanish man in the costume of a Majo 
by Edouard Manet,1863

An Arnaut in Cairo by Jean-Léon Gérôme,19th c.

Maharani Jind Kaur of the Sikh Empire by George Richmond,1863

The Black Bashi-Bazouk by Jean-Léon Gérôme,c. 1869

An Algerian lady by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot,1871-3

Portrait of a Moorish girl with a parakeet by Henriette Browne,1875

A Ukrainian girl by Ilya Repin,1876

The Moorish Chief by Eduard Charlemont,1878

Raden Aria Kusuma di Ninggrat,regent of Galuh,Indonesia 1879

An Armenian woman by Frederick Arthur Bridgman,1882

Portrait of by V.F. Mamontova in Russian dress by Viktor Vasnetsov,1884

A portrait of Maori woman called Mrs Paramena, by Gottfried Landauer,1885

Maharaja Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar by Raja Ravi Varma,19th c.

Sarah Molasses, a Penobscot woman by Anna Eliza Hardy,c. 1886

Sophia Dragomirova in Russian dress by Repin,1889

Seated Samoan girl named Otatota in a grass dress by John LaFarge,1890

Portrait of a woman in Greek dress by Raimundo Madrazo,19th c.

Portrait of Mahaprabha Thampuratti of Mavelikkara and 
her daughter by Raja Ravi Varma,1893

Ukrainian girl by Nikolay Rachkov from the 2nd half the 19th c.

Portrait of two girls from Dautphe in Germany by Ferdinand Justi,1894

Portrait of Maori man Kamariera Te Hau Takiri Wharepapa 
by Gottfried Lindauer,1895

A young fishing girl from the village of Rijsoord in Holland by Hans von Bartels,c. 1895

Portrait of Maria Nesterenko in Russian dress by Mykola Pymonenko,1896

The Berber bride by Josep Tapiró,1896

Russian merchant family by Andrey Ryabushkinin,1896

Peasant woman from Mordovia,Russia by Makovsky,1897

Pahl-Lee of the Moqui tribe by Elbridge Ayer Burbank, 1898

Bharani Thirunal Lakshmi Bayi,Rani of Travancore by Raja Ravi Varma,19th c.

A Native American Scout by Henry Farney,19th c.

A woman from Chiemgau in Upper Bavaria by Karl Hartmann,19th-20th c.

Japanese woman by Vasily Vereshchagin,1903

Portrait of the Maharaja of Mysore Sri Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV 
and his wife Rana Prathap Kumari of Kathiawar,1904

A Spanish woman listening to music by Claudio Castelucho,1900s

A Russian girl by Carl Wenig,1904

Portrait of a Slovakian girl by Marianne Stokes,1905

Woman from Western Macedonia by V. Antonoff,1906

Couple from Valencia on horseback by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida,1906

Maharaja of Mysore Sri Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV by K. Keshavayya,1906

Anna Pavlova in Spanish dress by A.Yakovlev,20th c.

Zinaida Yusupova in Russian dress by Konstantin Makovsky,1900s

Portrait of a Somalian woman by Albert Weisgerber,1907

Three girls form Algeria by Alfred Chataud Chataud,1908

Portrait of the Spanish Señora de Urcola llevaba 
by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida ,1909

A Romanian homestead at Desze by Marianne Stokes,1909

Native American man called Tlo-be-nel-ly 
by Elbridge Ayer Burbank,1910

Mexican country girl by David Alfaro Siqueiros,1913

Two native Americans Star Road and White Sun by Ernest Blumenschein,1920

Two Tunisian women in a courtyard by Ferdinand Max Bredt,c. 1920

"The Gift" with a portrait of a native American woman,by Ernest Blumenschein,1922

Spanish girl by N. Berker,1926

An Indonesian dancer,20th c.

Oaxaqueñ girl from Mexico by Ramón Cano Manilla,1928

Native American boy with a red blanket by Blumenschein,20th c.

Portrait of a Manchu noblewoman,20th c.