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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ancient Roman Hairstyles and Headdresses from the Flavian Dynasty to the Age of Trajan 69-117

Bust of Domitilla the Elder or the Younger,wife or daughter of Emperor Vespasian

Bust of Domitilla the Younger,daughter of Vespasian

Marcia Furnilla,second wife of Emperor Titus

Marcia Furnilla as Venus

Julia Titi,daughter of Emperor Titus

The Fonseca Bust

Emperor Domitian

Coin with heads of Emperor Domitian and his wife Domitia Longina

Domitia Longina,wife of Domitian

People from the Flavian Period 69-96 A.D.

Portrait of a woman with her hair arranged after the syle of Julia Flavia,from Smyrna

Portrait head of a Roman man,69-96 A.D.

Female portrait, shaped as a theatrical mask,1st c. A.D.

Portrait of an unknown Roman woman from Crete,69-96 A.D.

Portrait of Cominia Tyche,Flavian period

Bust of a Roman woman,end of the 1st c. A.D.

Statue of Roman matron of Flavian era portrayed as Venus

Bust of a woman from the Flavian period

Matrona with a Flavian hairstyle

Bust of a woman,age of Domitian

Sarcophagus of an aristocratic woman during the Flavian period 

Iulia Synegoris,Flavian period

Emperor Trajan,from the Nerva-Antoine Dynasty

Bust of Trajan with the Civic Crown, a sword belt and the aegis

Ulpia Marciana,sister of Trajan

Ulpia Marciana wears a diadem-like hair structure from the Hadrianic period (130-138 A.D.)

Sttaue of Ulpia Marciana from the Trajan-Hadrian era

Pompeia Plotina,wife of Trajan

Head of Plotina with a Diadem

Plotina on the reverse of a sestertius of Trajan

Salonina Matidia,daughter of Ulpia Marciana

Portrait head of Salonina Matidia wearing a diadem and a veil

Coin with a head of Salonina Matidia

People from the age of Trajan

The doctor Claudius Agathemeris and his wife Myrtale,100 A.D.

Portrait bust of a Roman lady,early 2nd century A. D.

Maria Auxesis Trajanic period (98-117 A.D.)
Bust of woman from the age of Trajan

Female portrait, last quarter of the 1st c. B.C.

Ancient Roman bust of an unknown Roman woman, Trajanic age

Portrait of a younger woman,98-117 

Bust of an unknown Roman woman, Trajanic age

Statue of a Roman woman, c. 100–110 A.D.

Statue of a draped woman of the Small Herculaneum,2nd c. A.D.

Portrait of a mature woman,110-20

Tomb altar for Caltilius and Caltilia Moschis,100-125 A.D.

Vestal Virgin 100-20 A.D.

Claudia Olympias wears an elaborate three-tiered fringed hairstyle 
with braids in the back 100-150 A.D.

Busts of Roman women with hairstyles from the Flavian,Trajanic and Hadranic Period


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