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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ancient Roman Hairstyles and Headdresses during the Antoine Dynasty 117-192

Emperor Hadrian

Colossal portrait head of the emperor Hadrian with a wreath of oak leaves

Roman emperor Hadrian in Greek dress offers a sprig of laurel to Apollo

Vibia Sabina,wife of Hadrian

Vibia Sabina with a Flavian hairstyle

Vibia Sabina wears a diadem that associates her with divinity,perhaps the goddess Artemis

Statue of Sabina as Venus Genetrix

Matidia the Younger,sister of Empress Sabina

Antinous,lover of Emperor Hadrian

Bust of Antinous wearing an ivy wreath

Antinous as the God Dionysos

Antinous with crown, a representation inspired from the Hellenistic period

Antinous as Dionysos, known as Lansdowne Antinous

Antinous represented as a Dionysiac figure

Statue of Antinous as Dionysus 

Colossal statue of Antinous as Dionysos-Osiris (ivy crown, head band, cistus and pine cone)

Antinous as a priest of the imperial cult

People from the Hadrianic Period,117-138

Portrait of a Roman woman, Trajan-Hadrian era

Statue of a woman “Sabine”, from the Trajan – Hadrian era

Marble bust of a priest,Hadrianic period 117-38 A.D.

Bust of a woman,early 2nd c. A.D.

Emperor Antoninus Pius


Faustina the Elder,wife of Antoninus Pius 

Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Domitia Lucilla Minor,mother of Marcus Aurelius

Faustina Minor,wife of Marcus Aurelius

Statue of Fortuna-Isis restored as Faustina the Younger as Demeter 

Annia Lucilla,daughter of Marcus Aurelius

Annia Luccilla as Venus with her ancestor Emperor Hadrian as Mars

Emperor Lucius Verus

Lucius Verus as a priest

Avidia Plautia,mother of Lucius Verus

Emperor Commodus

 Bust of Commodus as Hercules

Cameo of Emperor Commodus with attributes of Apollo and Jupiter

People  from the later Antoine Dynasty

Bust of a young woman,125-135

Portrait bust of a young man,2nd c. A.D.

Head of a woman,c. 140-150 A.D.

Head of a woman,140-150 A.D.

Head of a Syrian woman,160-170 A.D.

Staue of Plancia Magna as a priestess of Artemis wearing a diadem 
adorned with small busts of emperors,2nd c. A.D.

bust of a woman associated with the imperial family,wearing a hairstyle from the 
Antonine period,c.180-200 A.D.

Statue of a dancer,2nd c. A.D.

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