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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ancient Roman Hairstyles and Headdresses from the Severan to the Theodosian Dynasty 193-423

The Severan Dynasty 193-235

Emperor Septimius Severus

Bust of Septimius Severus,founder of the Severan Dynasty with an oak crown

Julia Domna,second wife of Septimius Severus

Statue of Julia Domna as the Goddess Ceres

Head of Julia Domna,she is probably wering a wig

Coin with an image of Julia Domna

Coin with image of Emperor Caracalla

Fulvia Plautilla,wife of Caracalla

Coin with image of Fulvia Plautilla 

Julia Maesa,grandmother of Emperor Elagabalus 

Coin of Julia Maesa

Julia Cornelia Paula, first wife of Emperor Elagabalus

Annia Faustina,third wife of Elagabalus 

 Julia Avita Mamaea, mother of Emperor Alexander Severus

Julia Mamaea,mother of Alexander Severus on an orichalcum sestertius 
of Alexander Severus

Coin image of Sallustia Orbiana,wife of Alexander Severus 

People from the Severan Dynasty

Bust of an unknown woman,possibly from the Severan period

Roman girl from the Severan Dynasty,210-230 A.D.

Heads of statues of a priest and priestess from Ephesus,200-250 A.D.

Head of a woman from the 2nd c. A.D.

Emperor from the Crisis of the Third Century (238-285)

Coin with image of Emperor Gordian III

Sabinia Tranquillina,wife of Emperor Gordian III 

Marcia Otacilia Severa,wife of Emperor Philip the Arab

Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Emperor Decius 

Egnatia Mariniana wife of Emperor Valerian I 

Cornelia Salonina,wife of Emperor Gallienus

Gold coin with Emperor Postumus

Emperor Aurelian

Ulpia Severina,wife of Aurelian

Magnia Urbica,wife of Empeoror Carus

Coins with heads of Magnia Urbica

Roman People from 238-285

 Bust of a woman,c. 260 A.D.

Busts of an aristocratic man and woman,c. 270-280

Fragment from headdress of a statue, shows the crown worn by priests of the imperial cult, 
adorned with the busts of emperors, 3-4 th c. A.D.

Tetarchy and the Constantian Dynasty 285-364

Emperor Diocletian

Head of Diocletian wearing an oak wreath (Corona Civica) with a gem at the center

Head of Diocletian with the Corona Civica

Eutropia,wife of Emperor Maximian

Helena,wife of Emperor Constantius I

Coin with an image of Helena

Theodora,second wife of Constantius I

Two coins with the image of Theodora

Coin of Emperor Maximinus

Emperor Galerius

Coin with image of Galeria Valeria wife of Galerius

Fausta,wife of Constantine I

Fausta is crowned, veiled, and standing in the Pudicitia pose

Coins of Fausta

Valeria Maximilla,wife of Emperor Maxentius

A bust of Emperor Constantius II 

Coin of Emperor Constans I

Emperor Julian the Apostate 

Bronze coin of Julian the Apostate

Julian the Apostate with his wife Helena

Roman people from 285-364

 Head of a woman,c. 350

Bust of a young woman, possibly a priestess judging from her diadem and hairstyle,
late Roman era

The Valentinian Dynasty

Aureus of Emperor Valentinian I

Gold medal of the Emperor Valens

Statue of Emperor Valentinian II

The Theodosian Dynasty 364-392

Emperor Theodosius I

Aelia Flaccilla,wife of Theodosius I

Coins with the image of Aelia Flaccilla

Medallion of Galla Placidia,daughter of Emperor Theodosius I

Emperor Honorius

Cameo of Emperor Honorius and his wife Maria

Golden Medallion of Licinia Eudoxia,wife of Emperor Valentinian III

People from the end of the Roman Empire

Germanic-Roman general Stilicho with his wife Serena and his son Eucherius,395

Statuette of an imperial woman, c. 300–350 A.D.

Carving of a woman from the sarcophagus of Giunio Basso,359

Bust of priestess Isvardia from Smyrna,4th c. A.D.


  1. Congratulations on a well researched presentation of hair styles of the Roman world, male and female, using coins, statues and bas-reliefs.