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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Jean-Frederic Schall

The Dancers

 A Dancer with a Tambourine,1775-90

Woodland Dancer, 1780s

Lady Dancing with a Garland,1780s

 The Dancer

Dancer before a Fountain in a Park

Dancer with a Feather Hat,1780s

Two dancers

Ladies and their Dogs

Lady and her Dog in a Garden

 A Lady Walking with a King Charles Spaniel,1775-90

A Lady with her Dog


The Promenade

Promenading  Lady with a Fan

Lady in a Landscape


Portrait of of a lady, said to be the ballerina Marie-Madeleine Guimard

Portrait of a Lady dressed for a Masquerade

Fashionable Ladies

The Beloved Portrait,1780

 Lady Reading a Book

The Go-Between, 1780s

Elegant Company in a Park,1780-90

 Amorous Scenes

 The Abduction

 The Feigned Resistance

 When Hymen is Asleep Love also Sleeps

The Suitor Accepted, 1788

Young Man with a Guitar in a Landscape

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