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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

English Portraits from 1540-1620

William Scrots

Catherine Parr,c.1545

Edward VI of England,1546

Edward VI of England,1546,after Scrots

Edward VI of England,c.1546

Lady Margaret Douglas,1546 

Elizabeth I as a Princess,1546

Henry Howard Earl of Surrey,1546

Edward VI with flowers,c.1550

 Another version of Edward VI with flowers,c.1550

Hans Eworth

Portrait of an Unknown man,1546

Mary I of England,1554

Possibly Lady Jane Dormer,1555

Lady Mary Dudley,1550-1555

Mary Tudor,Queen of England

Henry Stuart Lord Darnley,1555

Unknown Lady,1557

Mary Nevill and her son Gregory Fiennes,Baron Dacre,1559 

Elisabeth I of England,c. 1570

Portrait of Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk,1562

Portrait of a Lady,1563

Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and Lord Charles Stuart,1563 

Edward Seymour,Earl of Hertford,1563

Portrait of an unknown lady by Hans Eworth, c. 1565–68

Elisabeth I and the Three Goddesses,1569

Anthony Browne,1st Viscount Montague,c.1570

George Gower

Unknown Lady,1570

Sir Thomas Coningsby,1572 

Lady Kytson,1753

Elizabeth Littleton,Lady Willoughby,1573

Thomas Slingsby,1577

Richard Drake,1577

Elizabeth Knollys, Lady Layton,1577 

Mrs John Croker (née Frances Kingsmill),1580

Mary Kytson, Lady Darcy,1583

Lettice Knollys,1585

Mary Cornwallis, Countess of Bath,1580-85 

Elizabeth Sydenham Lady Drake,c.1585

Elizabeth I,Armada Portrait,1588

William Segar

Elizabeth 1 England,circa 1585

Sir Henry Kingsmill ,c.1585

Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex,1590

Gilbert Talbot 7th Earl of Shrewsbury,1590 

Sir Thomas Smith,c.1590

Lady Elizabeth Hastings,c.1590

Unknown Lady,c.1590

Unknown Lady,1595

Elizabeth Stafford Lady Drury,c.1595

William Fitzwilliam of Milton and Gainspark,c.1595

Sir Walter Raleigh,1598

Hieronimo Custodis

Edward Talbot Earl of Shrewsbury,1586

Sir William Pelham ,1587

Frances Clinton Lady Chandos,1589

Elizabeth Brydges,1589 

Sir John Ashburnham,1593

The sisters Mary and Catherine Bassett by studio of Custodis,1603

Marcus Gheeraerts II

Queen Elizabeth I, c. 1580

Elizabeth I,c.1592

Queen Elizabeth I,The Ditchley portrait,1592

Unknown Lady,1595

Lucy Harrington Countess of Bedford ,c.1595

Barbara Gamage with Six Children,1596

Margaret Dormer Lady Constable,1599

Portrait of a Lady,c.1599

Unknown woman in costume modeled after Virgo Persica,c. 1600

Elizabeth I,Rainbow Portrait,1600

Unknown Lady,c.1605

Edward de Vere  Earl of Oxford,c.1600

Lady Bridget Croke,c.1605

Agnes Fermor,1611

Anne of Denmark,c.1611

Anne of Denmark in mourning attire,1612

Unknown Lady,1612

Catherine Killigrew, Lady Jermyn,1614

Mary Thockmorton, Lady Scudmore,1614

Portrait of Tom Durie, Anne of Denmark's fool,1614

Unknown Lady,1618

Frances Howard Countess of Hertford,c. 1620

Margaret Lanton,1620

Susanna Temple, later Lady Lister,c.1620 

Anne Hale Mrs.Hoskins,1629

Robert Peake the Elder

Elizabeth Buxton,1588-90

Frances, Lady Reynell,1597

Unknown nobleman,1590s

Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham,1597

Sir Robert Nedham Viscount of Kilmorney,1598

Queen Elizabeth I in Procession,c. 1600

Mary Clopton,c .1600

Elizabeth Princess Royal,1603

Henry Prince of Wales hunting,1603

Lady Arabella Stuart,1605

Lady of the Hampden family,c.1610

Elizabeth Princess Royal,1606

Henry Prince of Wales,1610

Elizabeth Princess Royal,1610

Lucy Countess Bedford,c. 1610 

Lady Elizabeth Pope dressed for a masquerade,c.1615

Elizabeth Poulett,1616

Sir John Penruddock,1616

Unknown lady,1619

Cecilia Nevill,1618-20

Unknown Lady,1620

John 2nd Baron Poulett c.1630

Lord Francis Poulett,c.1630

William Larkin

Probable portrait of John Needham,c. 1610

Mary Radclyffe,1610-13

Probably Sir Francis Nethersole,1610

Portrait of James Hay 1st Earl of Carlisle,c.1610

Mary Curzon,1612

Catherine Lyte Howard,с.1613

Richard Sackville 3rd Earl of Dorset,1613

Edward Sackville 4th Earl of Dorset,1613

Diana Cecil,1614

Unknown Lady,1614

Catherine Rich Countess of Suffolk,1614

William Pope c.1615

Grey Brydges 5th Baron Chandos,1615

Catherine Trentham,c.1615 

Elizabeth Drury,c.1615

Frances de Vere,c.1615 

Isabella Rich Larkin,c. 1614-18

Lady Anne Cecil,c.1615

Perhaps Arbella Stuart,c.1615

Susan Feilding, née Villiers,1616

Lucy Harrington.,с.1616

Dorothy Cary Viscountess Rochford,c.1618

Posthumous Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I by studio of Larkin,c.1600

Portrait of a Lady by circle of Larkin,1600s

John de Critz the Elder

Anne of Denmark,1605

Anne Vavasour ,c.1605

Lucy Russell, Countess of Bedford dressed for the  Masque of Hymenae,1606

Elizabeth Manners  in costume for the Masque of Hymenae,1606

Margaret of Lovelace,c.1610

Unknown Lady,1619



    small correction: Picture is of Mary Neville and her *son* Gregory

  2. I know this is an old one but I love it. Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Wow! What a Great collection of works! Thank you for making them available to the rest of us!

  4. Amazing attire,dazzling depictions!!

  5. A really lovely collection, thank you for sharing. Catherine Killigrew, Lady Jermyn is my 1st cousin x 13 removed... such a lovely portrait of her.

    1. neato Rach...henry 8th and mary boleyn, are my direct great grandparents, isnt it nice to find portraits of your relatives.

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  7. Elizabeth Manners in costume for the Masque of Hymenae? no, Elizabeth, Lady Berkeley (née Carey; later Chamberlain; 24 May 1576 – 23 April 1635)

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    2. Elizabeth Manners (nee Sidney), Countess of Rutland, in a masquerade costume designed by Inigo Jones, by John de Critz the Elder,1606, indeed. See below.

  8. I enjoy looking at yesterday history keep it up from a old man of eighty four Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you find many more posts to enjoy! All the best and happy holidays

  9. Elizabeth Manners (nee Sidney), Countess of Rutland, in a masquerade costume designed by Inigo Jones, by John de Critz the Elder,1606, indeed.
    A Who’s Who of Tudor Women: Sa-Sn
    compiled by Kathy Lynn Emerson
    "Elizabeth Sidney was the daughter of Sir Philip Sidney (November 30, 1554-October 17, 1586) and Frances Walsingham (c. October 1567-February 17, 1633). In March 1599, she married Roger Manners, 5th earl of Rutland (October 6, 1576-June 26, 1612). On January 5, 1606, Elizabeth participated in the climax of the court masque, Hymenaei, created by Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones. She represented one of the Powers and in order to participate paid £80 to Mr. Bethall, the gentleman usher, £10 for cutwork lace, £4 8s. for silk, and £12 3s. for a coronet, a pair of silk hose, a ruff, and a pair of shoes, all part of her costume."
    (See also
    The Peerage. A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe
    “Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland, 1606”;
    and Jonson В. Ed. C.H.Herford, P. and E.Simpson. Oxford, 1925-1952. Vol. 7, p. 208-209, XV — XIX; vol. 10, p. 465-468;
    Elizabeth Sidney Countess of Rutland drawn from the Effigy in St Mary's Church. Photo and Drawn By Bob Sparham.)

    And right before this portrait we see the same of one of her cousin and closest friends, Lucy Russell (nee Harington), Countess of Bedford (1580–1627), in a Masque Costume designed by Inigo Jones too. Elizabeth Manners and Lucy Russell participated in that climax of the court masque, Hymenaei, both and stand, respectively, to the left and to the right of the queen, as we can see on their turns and lot of the same elements in their clothes.