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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Satire and Fashionable Caricature

"Woman's Head-dress",medieval caricature

 Caricature drawing by Leonardo da Vinci,second half of XV c.

                               Caricature drawing by Leonardo da Vinci,second half of XV c.

Caricature drawing by Leonardo da Vinci,second half of XV c.

"Grotesque Head" by Leonardo da Vinci,second half of XV c.

Caricatures of a man and a woman by Leonardo da Vinci,second half of XV c.

German mid XVI c. satirical print on shopping

"Death Dance" caricature,1562

Satire on chastity belts,c1560s Germany

Caricature of George Villiers Ist Duke of Buckingham,1570s by Renold Elstrack

"Satire on Opulence,Fornication and Stupidity",1588 by Raphael Saeder

"The Dairy Cow",Phillip II of Spain is trampling William the Silent with Elisabeth II 
and Francois d'Alencon looking on,XVI c. Dutch caricature

"Dr Panurgus"or a physician healing fantasy,1596-1600 Matthaus Greuter

"Hermaphrodites by all accords",satire of Henry III of France,c1600

"Satire on the Folly of the World",a courtesan and a group of men vie to ride an ass,1607

"The vanity of Women",c 1600 by Marten de Vos

"The vanity of Women";det.

Caricature of a woman smoking a pipe,c1620

Caricature of Captain Fracasse,1633 Duch

"Les Mouches" satire on mouches,1640s French

"Fashion Triumphant",c. 1640s French

"England's Wolf",1646 Parliamentarian satire on cavaliers 

"The Habit of an English Gentleman" a 1666 satire on excesses of fashion

Lady wearing a bustle with a devil on her back 1700

Louis XIV caricature,1672 Romeyn de Hooghe

A caricature of Madame Law,wife of  the financier John Law,1720 Dutch

Caricature of the castrato Farinelli in a role of a woman,1724 Leone Ghazzi

Monument consecrated to posterity in memory of the unbelievable folly 
of the 20th year of the 18th century,c1720 by Bernard Baron

Monument consecrated to posterity in memory of the unbelievable folly 
of the 20th year of the 18th century;det.

Monument consecrated to posterity in memory of the unbelievable folly 
of the 20th year of the 18th century;det.

Monument consecrated to posterity in memory of the unbelievable folly 
of the 20th year of the 18th century;det.

A caricature of the Marchesse Aldobrandini as a Pilgrim,1730s Leone Ghezzi

Caricature of a Monkey riding a Horse,1735-40 Christophe Huet

"Petite Singerie",detail of sleighing scene,1735-40 Christophe Huet 

"Taste a La Mode",1745 Louis-Phillippe Boitard

"Taste in High Life",1746 William Hogarth

"Triumph of Folly",1749 L.P.Boitard

"Folly of  Decrepitude",an old woman putting another mouche on her face,
1750s Louis Surugue

Caricature of George Bubb Dodington and Sir Thomas Robinson by Sandby, 1761

"Le Cabriolet",1770 W.Bunbury

"Boarding School Education",1771 published by M.Darly

"The Martian Macaroni",1770 M.Darly

"Monseigneur le Frizuer",1771 M.Darly

"The Macaroni Painter",1772 Robert Dighton

"The Macaroni,a real character at the late Masquerade"1773 Phillip Dawe

"Be not Amazed Dear Mother,It is indeed your Daughter Anne "c. 1770

"The Old Beau in Ecstasy",1773 J.Dixon

"What is this my Son Tom",1774

"Is this my Daughter Ann",1774 by James Watson

"The Fatal Effects of Coquetterie",1774 French

"The Fat macaroni",1774

"False Hips" satire on panniers,c. 1770

"Entry of Baron of Caprice to the home of Miss Favours",1770s

"Cupid's Tower",c1775

"And America Also Receives the Latest Styles",c. 1775

"And America Also Receives the Latest Styles";det.

"And America Also Receives the Latest Styles";det.

"Phaetona of Modern Female Taste",1776 M.Darly

"The Vis a Vis Bisected or the Ladies Coop",1776 M.Darly

"Chloe's Cushion or the Cork Rump"1777 M. Darly

"Inside of the ladies garden at Vauxhall",1778

"Macaroni Courtship or the two Insignificants",c. 1778

"Miss Wicket and Miss Trigger",1778 by Collett

"Beauty's Lot",1778

"Fashion Before Ease",c. 1778

"The Whore's Last Shift",1779 by James Gillray

"Mlle Des Victoire coiffure à la Grenade"1779 French

"Coiffure Belle Poule",c.1779

" Le Triomphe de la Coquetterie",c.1779 French

Caricature of the Royal Family of France and Louis XVI playing chess 
with a member of the National Guard,c.1779

"A Scene in the Park"1780

"Sophie Honor and the Chambermaid",1780 James Gillray

"Count de Rochambeau reviewing his Troops",1780 

"Rigging for a Cruise",1781

"An English Sloop Engaging a Dutch Man o'War",1781

"The Meeting of Umbrellas",1782 James Gillray

Caricature of the audience at the Commemoration of Handel in Westminster Abbey in 1784

"The Bum Shop",1785 R. Rushworth

"Cestina Warehouse or Belly Piece Shop"1785 by Isaac Cruikshank

Caricature of the visitors to Carleton Gardens,1785 H. W. Bunbury

"A Sale of English Beauties in the East Indies",1786 J. Gillray

"A French Family",1786 after Rowlandson

"Wife and no Wife or A Trip to the Continent",1786 J. Gillray

"The Bum Bailiff outwitted or the Convenience of Fashion",1786

"Which is the Better man or the Pot calls the Kettle Black"
a satire on the French Revolution,1786

Caricature of Birds and Animals,c. 1786 I. Cruikshank

Georgiana Spencer Cavendish and Viscountess Duncannon,at an Election in Westminster,
c. 1787 Robert Dighton

"La Belle Assemblee",1787 J. Gillray

Caricature on Men's fashions,c. 1787

"Coquette at her Toilette",1787 William Ward

"Coquette at her Toilette";det.

"The Feminine Gender", 1787 attr. to Henry Kingsbury 

"The Bumless Beauties"1788

"Restoration Dressing Room"1789 by Thomas Rowlandson 

"Sympathetic Lovers",February 1789

"A Corner,near the Bank or an Example for Fathers",1789 J. Gillray

"Captain Jessamy learning the proper Discipline of the Couch",1790,
Satire on masculine and feminine male costume

"Archery",c. 1790 I. Cruikshank


"Must I utter the oath! Might as well get the death",c. 1790 French

"The Inside of the Ladies Garden at Vauxhall",1790s 

"A Gaming Table at Devonshire House",1791 Thomas Rowlandson 

"A Gaming Table at Devonshire House";det.

"A Second Joan d’Arc or the Assassination of Marat by Charlotte Cordé", 1793 I. Cruikshank

"The heroic Charlotte la Cordé, upon her Trial",1793 I. Cruikshank

"The Nuptial Bower",1789 J. Gillray

"Ah Queelle Antiquite" a 1793 contrast between French fashions of 1793 and ca. 1778

"Female Whimsicalities",1793

"The Graces of 1794" by  I. Cruikshank

"And Catch the Living Manners as They Rise",1794 Gillray

"Leaving Off Powder, or A Frugal Family Saving the Guinea" by Gillray,1795

"Waggoners Frocks or no Bodys of 1975"

"A Peep at Christies",1796 Gillray

"The Rage or Shepherds or I have Lost my Waist",1790s Cruikshank

"High Change in Bond street or la Politese de Grande Monde",1796 Gillray

"The Fashionable Mamma or the Convenience of Modern Dress",1790s Gillray

"Lady Godina's Rout or Peeping Tom Spying out Pope Joan",1796 J. Gillray

"Too Much and Too Little or Summer Clothing for 1556 and 1796",1796 Cruikshank

"Ladies Dress as it soon will be",1796 J. Gillray

"Tipples of 1796" by Richard Newton

 "Beauty and Fashion",1979

"Men's Fashions",c. 1795-1799

"Cafe des Incroyables or My Honor are you Joking?"1797

"Property Protected a la Francaise",1798

"Napoleon Raging",1798 J. Gillray

"Parisian Ladies in their Winter Dress for 1800",1799 I. Cruikshank

"The Man of Feeling in Search of Indispensables a scene at the Little French Milliners"
1800 Gillray

"How to Ride thro'the Streets with Elegance",1800 Gillray

Caricature of male costume,1795-1805

"Marveilleuse in a Greek Tunic",c. 1800 French

"La Walse", caricature from Le Bon Genre, 1801 Paris

"Tales of Wonder",1802 J. Gillray

"Leap Frog"a caricature of Napoleon,1803 by Roberts

"A Stoppage to a Stride over the Globe"c. 1803

"Britannia between Death and the Doctors",1804 Gillray

Caricature of George Skeffington,c. 1805

"Le Supreme Bon Ton,Modes et Nouveautés "c. 1805

"No Guinea Pigs", c. 1805 by H. Bunbury

Three versions of "Le Waltse" from Le Bon Genre, 1810

"Invisibles Tete-a-Tete",1810 French

"La Walse"  adaptation by Gillray from the earlier French waltz caricature, 1810

"Mr. Grimaldi and Mr. Norman in the Epping Hunt",1812 W. Heath

"Polly and Lucy taking off the Restrictions",1812 Cruikshank

"A Fashionable Lady in Dress & Undress",c. 1812

"The Inconvenience of Wigs",c. 1814 by Carle Vernet

Caricature of Grand Duke Constantin Pavlovich,1814 Carle Vernet

"Returning of the Emigrees",1815

"The White Glass",Napoleon being served from a Chamber-pot,1816

 "The White Glass";det.

"The White Glass",det.

"Waltzing" from The caricature magazine, or Hudibrastic mirror,1815-20 by G. M.  Woodward

"National Love!" a caricature with Caroline of Brunswick,her lover Bartolomeo Pergami and Pauline Bonaparte with a bust of Murat by George Humphrey 1821

A Caricature of Four Men in Tall Hats by Eugene Delacroix,1822-7

"A Monkey Couple dancing in their best Clothes",1825

"The Black Bourgeoisie",1829

"Morning,Noon,Night",1827-30 William Heath

"Waist and Extravagance",1830 W.Heath

"Tentacles of the Devil",1830 Charles Phillipon

"Bastard Hereditary Fetus, Still-Born Count d’Averton",1831  Eugène-Hippolyte Forest

Caricature on modern beachwear,1863

"Oficier de l'artillerie à cheval Seconde Garde Impériale" 1863 caricature by Draner

Caricature of a woman wearing a bustle,1870 Punch Magazine

"Moderne Militarisme",1894 Puk Magazine

"At the Sculpture Exhibition",front cover of 'Le Rire' 1896 by Lucien Métivet 

"Nights in Paris",1902 Le Rire Magazine

"High class Hookers",c. 1910 

Caricatures of hat fashions in 1910 Xavier Sager

A satirical look at fashion,1914 by Georges Marie Goursat

"Fine Feathers in Wartime",c. 1915 Gerda Wegner

A satire on Peacock styles,c. 1915 Gerda Wegner

Satire on modern dress,1916 R. Le Quesne

"Translethean Soliloquy, The ghost of fashion past muses I do wonder what the young gentlemen saw in me",1918-20 Max Beerbohm

"At the Grand Courtier's",1917 Paul Iribe

"Fashion is an Eternal Masquerade",c. 1920 J. Herouard

Lorelei and Dorothy from "But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes",1928 by Anita Loos

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