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Monday, 4 March 2013

Ancient Roman Hairstyles and Headdresses from the Julio-Claudian Dynasty 1B.C.-69 A.D.

Augustus,first Roman Emperor

August wearing the civic wreath

Detail from the Ravena relief of Augustus wearing the Corona Civica

The Ara Pacis relief with portraits Emperor Augustus 

and his Family 

Detail of Priests from the Ara Pacis

Panel of Tellus from the Ara Pacis,a relief of a Godess 

Coin with image of Scribonia second wife of Emperor Augustus

Livia Drusilla,third wife of Augustus

Livia as the Goddess Cybele

Livia as the Goddess Ceres

Livia as the Goddess Fortuna

Livia with attributes of the Goddess Ceres

Statue of the Deified Empress Livia

The Ravena Relief  with Livia and Augustus

Emperor Tiberius

Nero Claudius Drusus,brother of Emperor Tiberius with a headdress of a priest

Julia the Elder,daughter of Augustus,

second wife of Tiberius

Antonia Minor,Grandmother of Caligula,

mother of Claudius

Antonia Minor as Venus Genetrix

Antonia Minor as Demeter

Antonia Minor as Ceres

Agrippina the Elder,mother of Caligula

Emperor Gaius Caligula

Caligula, with a cuirass and a crown 

Julia Drusilla,sister of Caligula

Emperor Claudius

Portrait of Claudius with the Corona Civica 

Head of Claudius wearing the civic wreath

Messalina,third wife of Claudius

Messalina as Cybele

Agrippina Minor,fourth wife of Claudius,mother of Nero

Agrippina as Fortuna is crowning her son Nero with a laurel wreath

Coin with Agrippina Minor and her son Nero

Agrippina Minor as a Priestess

Emperor Nero

Poppaea Sabina,second wife of Nero

People from the Julio-Claudian Period

Woman wearing a "tutulus" hairstyle,1st c. B.C.

Woman with a late 1st c. B.C. hairstyle

Portrait of a woman,40-60 BC

Portrait of a woman,late 1st c. BC

Funerary Monument of a couple from the Augustan Period

Tombstone of a couple from the mid 1st c. A.D.

Tombstone of Attia Ruffila,mid 1st c A.D.

Portrait of a young woman from the 1st c. AD

Two heads from the 1st c. AD

Busts of women from the 1st c. AD

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  1. Thank you for all these great images of Roman busts, reliefs and statues. This was very thorough and must have taken you much time to research and place here.