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Monday, 18 June 2012

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Frida Kahlo

Portrait of a girl with a ribbon around her waist,1929

Self portrait time flies,1929

Portrait of a woman in white,1930

Portrait with curly hair,1935

Self portrait in golden dress,1935

Self portrait dedicated to Leon Trotsky,1937

Memory or the heart,1937

Me and my doll,1937

Itzcuintli dog with me,1938

Remembrance of an open wound,1938

Self portrait with monkey,1938

Suicide of Dorothy Hale1938

Self portrait,1938

Self portrait oval miniature,1938

The two Fridas,1939

Portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser,1940


Portrait dedicated to Sigmund Firestone 1940

Portrait with monkey,1940

Portrait with necklace of thorns,1940

The wounded table,1940

Self portrait with braid,1941

Self portrait with Bonito,1941

 Portrait of Lucha Maria,1942

Self-Portrait as a Tehuana,(Diego in My Thoughts),1943

The broken column,1944

Self-portrait with a small monkey,1945

Tree of hope,1946

Self portrait with loose hair,1947

 Self portrait,1948

Self portrait with the portrait of Dr. Farill ,1951

Portrait from the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacan

Diego Rivera

Woman at a well,1913

Portrait of Adolfo Best Maugard,1913


The Creation,1922-23

The Creation,1922-23

Tehuana women,1923

Good friday on the Santa Aaita canal,1924

Wall street banquet,1928

Night of the rich,1928

Emiliano Zapata,1930-31

Portrait of Lupe Marin,1938

Pan American Unity Mural, 1940

Portrait of Paulette Goddard,1940-41

Portrait of two women,1941

Portrait of Marucha Lavin,1942

Portrait of Lupita Morillo Safa,1944

Portrait of Cuca Bustamante,1946

Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park,1948

Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Parkdet

Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park,det.

Portrait of an Actress,1948

Portrait of Ruth Rivera,1949

Totonac Civilization,1950,mural

The Market of Tlatelolco,mural

The Market of Tlatelolco,det.

The Market of Tlatelolco,det.

The Market of Tlatelolco,det.

The Market of Tlatelolco,det.

Arrival of Hernan Cortez in Veracruz,mural

Arrival of Hernan Cortez in Veracruz,det.

Building the Cortes palace

Feather and gold art,mural

Feather and gold art,det.

Child with Calla lillies

The hammock,1956

Delfina Flores and her Niece Modesta

Dolores Olmedo

Panels at the Ministry of Public Education

Baile en Tehauntepec

Portrait of a lady 


Frida Kahlo's dress from the Frida Kahlo Museum in  Coyoacan

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