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Friday 16 November 2012

Renaissance medals,medallions and bas-relief portraits

Italian Renaissance Bas-Relief Profile Portrait of Two Nobles

Two versions of a medallion of Cecilia Gonzaga by Pisanello, 1447

Medal of Isotta degli Atti by Matteo de Pasti

Another Version of the Medal of Isotta degli Atti by Matteo de Pasti

Medal of Jeanne de Laval,Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily 

Charles V,Holy Roman Emperor and his Consort Isabella of Portugal,1526–1529

Philipp von Pfalz-Neuburg By Hans Daucher,1527

 John the Constant Elector of Saxony,first half of the 16th c.

 Sophie Mecklembourg, wife of John the Constant Elector of Saxony,first half of the 16th c.

Medal of Barbara Ketzel,1525-1526

Bas-relief Portrait of Two Ladies,16th c, Germany

Bas-relief Portrait of a Lady and a Gentleman,16th c. Germany

Mary of Hapsburg,Queen of Hungary,1620-30

Duchess Marie Jakobaea of Baden by Matthes Gebel,1534

Jan van Leiden by Conrat Meit,1535

Madeleine de Valois,Queen of Scotland,c. 1535

Dorothea of DEnmark wife of Elector Palatine Frederick II in 1537 by Matthes Gebel

Marie Jakobaea of  Bavaria by Thomas Hering,1535-40

Posthumous Portrait of Margaret of Austria,Duchess of Savoy by Hans Kels the Younger,1540

Sophie Widemann by Hans Reinhart c. 1540

Anna of Mecklenburg-Schwerin,Landgravine of Hesse,1545

Isabella of Portugal, Consort of Emperor Charles V  by Leone Leoni,1549

Girolama Sacrati di Ferrara by Pastorino de Pastorini ,1555

Portrait of an Unknown Young Woman by Andrea II Cambi,c. 1555

Medal of Queen Mary Tudor as Wife of King Philip II by Jacopo da Trezzo,c. 1555

Medal of Margaretha Coppier heroine of the Antwerp uprising against the Spanish Pompeo Leoni,1574

Duke William V of Bavaria and his Duchess Renata of Lorraine,c. 1580

Medal depicting Catherine de Medici, c.1565

Maria of Spain Empress of Austria,School of Antonio Abondio, late 16th c.

Philip II of Spain by Antonio Abondio,1570-72

Elizabeth Valois,Queen of Spain by Antonio Abondio,c. 1570 

Don Carlos of Spain by Antonio Abondio,c. 1571

Elizabeth of Austria,Queen of France by Germain Pilon,1572

Bronze Medallion of Catherine de Medici by Germain Pilon,c. 1575

Henry III of France by Germain Pilon,1575

Bas-Relief Portrait of a Lady,late 16th. c.

Charlotte de Bourbon by Conrad Bloc,1577

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots by Jacopo Primavera,1580s

Francisco de Moncada Prince of Paternò, Duke of Montalto,1585

Gilt-Bronze Medal of Christine of Lorraine, 1588

Silver Medal of Elizabeth I commemorating the Armada,c. 1588

Wax Miniature of Henry III of  France Antonio Abondio,1590

Magdalena Geuder von Herolsburg,1603

Henriette-Gabrielle de Balzac d'Entragues,mistress of Henry II of France

Marie de Medici,Queen of France by Guillaume Dupre,1601

Henri de Bourbon, third Prince of Conde by Guillaume Dupre,1611

Charlotte-Marie de Montmorency Princess of Conde by Guillaume Dupre,1611

Bronze Medal of Marie de Medici,1615

Bronze Medal of Claudia de Medici,c. 1620

Charles of Lorraine,Prince of Vaudemont by Gaspar Morone Mola,1621

Maria Magdalena, Archduchess of Austria by Gaspare Morone Mola,1625

Anne of Austria,Queen of France by Guillaume Dupre,1626

Louis XIII of France by Guillaume Dupre,1626

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg,Queen of Sweden in 1627

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg,Queen of Sweden

Christine of France,Duchess of Savoy by Guillaume Dupre,1634

Christine of France,Duchess of Savoy by Guillaume Dupre,1635

Maria Anna of Austria,Electress of Bavaria,c. 1640

Medal of a Very Young William III,Prince of Orange,1655

Portrait of Catharina Hooft by Pieter Oosterhuis,1660


  1. Wow! I didn't know that Europe once had so many black nobilities. It's amazing.

  2. Hi Reinette! I would like to know where the work "Italian Renaissance Bas-Relief Profile Portrait of Two Nobles" (first work of art of this page) is conserved... In which museum/collection/city please. I do thank you in advance,

  3. Thank you. it is very interesting. I have a silver medal, now I know that is Wedding of Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora

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