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Friday, 16 March 2012

Henriette Adelaide of Savoy,Electress of Bavaria

Henriette Adelaide of Savoy Electress of Bavaria 1670

Princess Henrietta married the Elector of Bavaria and had much political and cultural influence in her adopted country.She introduced the Italian opera to Bavaria and also brought Italian artist to Bavaria.Her mother and grandmother were very strong,influential and politically involved women,being regents for their respective sons.There are many portraits of Henriette dressed in armour and flamboyant dress so it looks as if she had a flair for costume and the theatric.

Henriette Adelaide on horseback with her husband Ferdinand Maria,
Elector of Bavaria,c. 1650 Jan Miel
Henriette Adelaide by Paul Mignard, c. 1660

Henriette Adelaide of and her Husband in 1666

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